#49: Vegan – but do it properly!


More and more people start following a vegan lifestyle these days – and when scrutinizing it more precisely, you’ll soon figure out that a plant based way of eating might be characterized by an enormous potential of healthwise recovery and keeping up a good state of health on the long term – if it’s done properly (but that actually counts for all sorts of eating philosophies…).

One aspect that often leads to discussions is the sufficient protein intake when eating a plant based diet. When occupying yourself with this issue a bit more in depth, you’ll soon figure out that it’s easily possible to get in all the essential amino acids that our body needs on a regular basis – if not even daily – with only plants!

Nevertheless, there are indeed a few substances, that should be kept in mind when you want to follow a plant based diet successfully on the long term. Most animal free diets are deficient in or even entirely lack several nutrients, that have to be supplemented permanently then. But that’s just one aspect of being vegan or just eating plant based – and we have all the options to sufficiently supply our organism with the necessary substances these days…

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All the best!