Welcome to my homepage!

I’d like to give you a comrehensive understanding of different general facts about the topic health on these pages.

You don’t necessarily have to become a stereotype eco-person, a hardliner vegan, vegetarian or a full time raw foodist to live a healthier and more conscious life.

Though everyone can decide for him- or herself what the peculiarities and details of the own lifestyle will be, I want to impart different aspects to get you thinking and present some crucial ideas for your future health.

My e-books, based on nutrition relevant facts, sports scientific aspects and holistic opinions as well as personal experience, will surely make a good help for developing a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

There’s of course also the option of a more personal coaching if you want.


Your current health condition 

is a result of your former lifestyle.

From now on, you can consciously decide and influence,

what your future health will be!

All the best!