Our body’s detox system

Our Body's Detox System

Each of you has already heard the expression detoxification – probably mostly related to any kind of prior drug- or alcohol abuse.

But even in our (hopefully) much less extreme everyday life – and in each one of us – there are permanent detoxification processes going on.

And it has to be like that!


People who have already read the information about the Acid-alkaline-balance have probably just nodded their approval.

In the following text, I will explain our body’s detox-system to you – in a way which is also (hopefully) understandable for laymen:


The way in and through our body:

Every time we take any kind of substance into our body, it will inevitably enter the blood stream. No matter what substance it is – all of them will eventually get into our blood and thus to even the remotest parts of our organism.

Those can either be consciously consumed substances (like foods, alcohol, cigarette-toxins, drugs, etc.) or the ones that you aren’t (but from today on…) aware of (like polluted water and air, countless chemical additives in our food, medical substances, cosmetics, etc.).

The absorption into our body mainly takes place through the mouth- and colon mucosa (foods), the lungs and nasal mucosa (smoking, air pollution, any chemical sprays, household cleaners, toxic fumes, etc.) and the skin (all kinds of lotions, deodorants, shower gels, direct contact with chemicals, etc.).

Fortunately, our body is equipped with an amazing detoxification-system by nature. The main organ of this is our liver.

Any substance that has entered the blood stream has to pass the liver.

Having arrived there, it’s the job of the liver to work on all the different toxins. This process of transforming the toxic substances to enable excreting them is called bio-transformation. It can take place in different organs but due to its abundance of detoxification-enzymes, the liver seems to be best designed for it.

The toxic molecules (metabolism waste, unwanted substances from many foods, environmental toxins, etc.) are mostly lipophilic in the beginning, which means that they can’t just be excreted that easily with the urine or the stool.

But this is urgently necessary, because too many toxic residues in our body would lead to interference and impairment of the sensitive metabolism functions as well as the development of various diseases – or finally even death.

To secure the removal of these unwanted substances, there have to be certain detoxing processes setting in inside the liver:

Due to those different steps of transforming and evacuating the toxic substances, the liver detoxification is divided into two different processes.

Those are detoxification-phase 1 (transformation) and phase 2 (conjugation).


Broadly speaking, phase 1 adds certain bio-chemical substances (functional groups) to the toxic molecules, while phase 2 attaches certain water-soluble molecules to those functional groups.

Afterwards, those newly created complexes can safely be flushed out of the body through the kidneys and the urine or the gall bladder and the colon.

To put it simply, one can say that the liver defuses many dangerous or toxic substances – might them be metabolic leftovers or toxins from our environment – and transforms them for excretion afterwards.

In case that all the processes in phase 1 and phase 2 take place properly, you will be capable to get rid of most toxins relatively easily.

As soon as there`re any inconsistencies within those processes, detoxification-properties are negatively impaired – or certain detoxification-enzymes are only produced in insufficient quantities or not at all – it would be the result that the excretion of the transformed toxins may be slowed down. This could lead to severe problems like the accumulation of toxic substances within the organism as time passes.

Besides the genetic make-up of those detoxification systems, it’s the lifestyle – and as a fairly crucial aspect the foods we consume – that influences and determines the detoxification ability of each person.

Though the genetics are given to us by nature we’re not at all helplessly at their mercy. Everyone can influence the own state of health with the personal lifestyle – in a positive but of course also in a negative way.

An inherited deficit of cleansing powers, missing or reduced detoxification enzymes or even a lacking production of certain enzymes may be determined by your genetics.

That’s one main reason, why some people get severely ill, while others seem to thrive on a lifestyle full of all the unhealthy aspects like frequent drinking, smoking and a poor diet

This is one very important reason, why generalized announcements to the toxicity (or rather the harmlessness) of certain substances – and even safety limits – make no sense at all. Managing all the different toxins in life just depends on each individual and the personal physical (health-) circumstances.


With those facts in mind you shouldn’t be wondering about the 89 year old neighbour anymore, who spends each night in the pub – chain-smoking and drinking, still living his life to the fullest.

Someone else – maybe being equipped with poor detoxing genetics – wouldn’t probably have reached such an age of life on this lifestyle…

Some people literally seem to become toxin-collectors – especially when living an unhealthy life – due to their inherited ability of properly getting rid of those unwanted substances. Others don’t seem to have that many problems with most toxins and their negative unhealthy choices in life don’t seem to be of primary importance.


Unfortunately, only few people know about their genetic make-up and their ability to detox, their enzyme status or the lack of certain important substances for those processes.

Everyone can have certain testings done for that, but they are often fairly expensive…


This fact alone should therefore still be enough reason to live a lifestyle which is as healthy as possible


Maybe you’ve already heard the saying:


Genetics load the gun – but lifestyle pulls the trigger


I guess there’s something to this…


Another very huge organ of elimination and detoxification is our skin which is delivered by the lymphatic system (this one also brings toxins to the kidneys) and can excrete toxic waste and leftovers from the metabolism through its tiny openings (the pores) of the skin. In addition to the skin, many toxic substances are also excreted through the lungs.
Especially in times of additional detoxification efforts, all those organs will be more stressed.

You can easily recognize that from the increased need of visiting the smallest room in your home (bathroom) – or because of the heightened tendency to start sweating (and mostly feeling a bit – or more – short of breath and uncomfortable).

The primary organs of detoxification are our liver and the kidneys, but when needed, our body also uses the skin, the lungs and all other kinds of exits (also eyes, nose and ears), which could be used for excreting toxic unwanted substances as well.

Bodily discharge of any kind, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, akne (post puberty), weeping and itchy rashes, cold like symptoms, runny eyes and so on, can thus always be signs of an overburdened body’s desperate efforts of detoxification.

In terms of cleansing, the word detoxification actually equals the expression excretion – the body tries to get rid of disturbing substances by all means. And it will use any option for that!


Personal factors and cleansing efforts:

The more the toxic burden builds up in your body, the more the capacity and power of your partly overwhelmed detoxification organs can decrease. By the way – not all of us can handle the different toxins equally well – some people may have a pretty strong and protective detoxification system while others wander the world like some kind of human toxin absorber (and even worse: without getting properly rid of them afterwards).

Guess who of those two gets any health problems more likely…

In addition to this rather inherited and individually constitutional fact, you should always keep in mind:

You can only properly detoxify when your organs of detoxification and excretion can operate at full capacity!

Nowadays, exactly this is often not the case anymore – due to the various sources of toxins in our life and the constantly building toxic burdens in our bodies.

If you’re still healthy and you want to support your organs the best way possible (which should actually be done by everyone now and then…), it would seem the thing to do regular cures with special herb-mixtures to strengthen the kidneys and the liver. You can easily pick the respective plants yourself (contact me if you are interested). All organs of detoxification and excretion should be clean, well functioning – and to not build up any remaining waste particles – be regularly frequented.

If you mostly have only few or very infrequent bowel movements, your body may already have built up a decent amount of toxic substances that still interferes with your metabolism (mostly in addition to a wrong diet) and influences the liver activity and thus sometimes the frequency of excretion.

In my opinion, the only solution which is recommendable in such a situation, is a dietary change to a highly natural, fibre rich, healthy diet which is reduced in animal products (at least for the duration of the cleansing – see more information on page The species appropriate diet). In addition, you should follow any kind of cleansing- and strengthening regimen for your intestines and the detoxification organs.

The ones of you, who do not drink enough (non-carbonated, filtered water or unsweetened herbal teas would be best) hinder the kidneys from excreting the filtered substances that are ready for being flushed out of the body. The urine colour should best be clear (or near to that) in the majority of cases during the day.

This state of proper hydration is the only way to maintain the extracellular matrix (our tissue) to be – and stay – clean (see Acid-alkaline-balance).

Thus, the amount of liquid you drink (again: only water, best filtered and no pure tap-water! As well as unsweetened or well conceived sweetened teas or freshly made fruit- and vegetable juices) is very important for your state of health. The sicker you are, the more you should drink to clean and flush out the disturbing substances!

At home, most people care about regularly bringing out the waste and cleaning out their home – this is the only way to avoid uncomfortable smells, parasites and eventually an overwhelmed and completely messed up building. It’s exactly the same when comparing your home to your body.

The next time, when thinking about a spring cleaning in your home, just do an inner cleanse of your body and a supportive cure for your organs as well!

That may sound a bit strange to you – but actually it isn’t.

We’ve just forgotten about all those natural treatments and (mostly even free) remedies that can often still be found in other cultures today.


The exits of our skin should be kept passable through regular sweating (best on a daily basis). When doing so, you will soon recognize less skin blemishes, pimples, etc.

When starting any kind of detoxification supporting strategy, there will mostly be an increase of toxins being recognized on the different ways of excretion – and this is exactly what you want (of which more later). Just keep that in mind and don’t wonder about the symptoms that may develop.

Those should not be a (falsely interpreted) reason for breaking up your effort to clean out and detoxify the body.
Only this is the one fundamental way to basically maintain a proper health.

It’s like gutting a house and cleaning it out completely to rebuild it afterwards with new materials – until it will shine bright again one day.

But…the longer you wait to clean out your home, the longer it will probably take, once you start it…

I guess that I should remark that a deep and broad cleanse is not a project that is done at one weekend

Depending on the lifestyle so far, the amount of toxic substances in the body, your personal constitution, the consistency of the cleansing, the dietary change and the condition of the organs of detoxification and excretion – but also of course the general state of health – a comprehensive detoxification will probably take several months – or rather one, two or even more years. It just depends on you.

This is probably the most comprehensible fact, why you should always be careful with general detoxification recommendations or even whole (online-) packages that come with certain formulas and extracts.

Proper Detoxification is – like everything else in life – a fairly individual issue.

You’ll feel the results of a detoxification soon after starting the regimen and the recognizable positive changes in your health will of course set in way earlier (not only after years – but mostly some time after the body has started to clean out and reduce the roughest toxic burden).

Being completely (if possible at all nowadays…) cleaned out and rid of most toxins, will take some time in most cases. You can definitely clean out your body to a degree, where you noticeably relieve your immune system – and get way healthier than before.

In the beginning – and in between as well – it is unfortunately often the case that you feel physically reverberated and worse than before starting the detox.

In alternative healing circles, this phenomenon is called healing crisis or initial aggravation.

We can easily compare this procedure of cleansing the body to our spring cleaning at home again:

No one will expect no dirty water, no bristling waste bins and not being exhausted and feeling the need of relaxation in between.

It’s the same with cleaning out the body! Once you’ve figured that out, everything can be understood and overcome easier – with knowing that the things you’re doing are right and leading to (cleansing) results!


Your health will doubtlessly benefit from any (proper) effort of cleansing and detoxing!


Even if you only recognize the superficially uncomfortable cleansing symptoms at first (which should actually be interpreted positively on the long run…), you can be sure that your actions make an impact.

Don’t give up at that point! You don’t stop cleaning your car or the house after half the work is done either – just because it gets too annoying…


The toxic sources in our environment:

Today, we live in a world full of environmental toxins and health harming substances.

Even if you try to do without many of them and avoid a huge part of the obvious culprits – you will probably never be completely at peace with the world and yourself.


To start with, it’s the air – which everyone breathes every day – that contains toxins and other disputable substances.
This can be noticed much easier in suburban areas than in the rural ones.

If you use many chemical cleaners at home, conventional deodorants, aromatic fumes, etc., there will always be amounts of those ingredients being absorbed into your body through breathing. People who smoke have an additional self made problemand their children an often irresponsibly imposed one from their parents… 


Another example is the water we drink…even if not every one of you consciously chooses (pure) water, it is – in the broadest sense – the basis of every beverage.

There’s a kind of circulation on earth and most of the toxic substances are brought back into our waterways again and again. Depending on the level of filtration, contamination or pollution, the respective kind of water can eventually do you more harm than good.

If you’re seeking for any change concerning the topic water, your first action should be buying any kind of filter for the tap water or the water you purchase in a store.

Especially in the tap water, there’re sometimes high amounts of chemical leftovers, toxic substances like heavy metals or hormone residues, that the water isn’t tested on at all – or those that mustn’t only exceed specific measurements.

These allowed single dosages of unhealthy substances can of course slowly build up in your system as well – even if you don’t take them all in at once.

Who guarantees you that you will get rid of all those substances again? No one – because it just depends on many (unknown) individual health factors

Depending on your budget, there’re different options of getting a water filter (smaller ones or huge ones that have to be installed in your water line).

Because you’re supposed to drink a daily amount of 1 ounce of water per kilogram body weight (coffee, lemonade, beer, etc. don’t count…) – and it has to be even more when being physically active and doing some endurance training or exercising (which everyone should do…) – those water filters will eventually pan out.

I’ve been using a carafe-water filter for quite a while now – which I can indeed recommend to you. Besides the fact that this one filters many environmental toxins out of the water, it even alkalizes and re-mineralizes it.


Water and air are our earth’s entirely natural and unavoidable sources of toxins – which mankind ironically pollutes and contaminates more and more every single day.

Let’s go on with the next source of toxic substances…


Our Foods:

Nowadays, there’re amazing quantities of foods, that shouldn’t actually be named like that at all. They often contain numerous amounts of questionable substances and little to nearly no ingredients that will enhance and support our body’s needs to maintain health.

Most people today live on foods, that are entirely unnatural, produced with loads of chemicals and artificial additives, containing way too little minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, micronutrients, fibre and life energy.

Nowadays, there’re lots of discussions about the right diet and the right foods to eat for being healthy. You’ll find many opposing statements once you start occupying with this (often confusing) topic – and indeed:

It is confusing – as long as you want to make absolute declarations. And this is exactly the problem in most discussions.

There is no specific right diet for everybody and thus one man’s meat is the other man’s poison

But there’re indeed a few not beneficial, even unhealthy or toxic aspects that could be generalized and afterwards be hopefully banned from your diet. I’m actually not a friend of broad statements – but in this case, some of them make sense.

If you want to delve into the topic of natural and healthy nutrition a bit more, I recommend the information about healthy eating or my e-book to you:


Go natural! Our species appropriate way of eating



Pitfalls of modernity:

In general, there’re several toxins in our life that – depending on their bio-chemical properties – can be detoxified from our body itself and others, that need help from the outside. Otherwise, they could be stored inside our body for many years – or even forever (mercury for example is supposed to have a half life time of several decades…).

Especially the heavy metals – and primarily mercury, with which I had serious problems, but also lead, arsenic, palladium, aluminum, etc. – have pretty treacherous chemical properties and often lead to a huge number of problems in our organism – which in turns can reduce the detoxification-capacity of our organs again then.

Though many of our current toxins are contained in the earth substance, there were man-made processes needed which finally lead to a contact to these substances that we experience today.

When the different toxins start accumulating in our bodies, there’s often literally a negative downward spiral of health developing.

In most cases – if you know at all, what your problem is – it’s often nearly impossible to relief yourself from these scary and dangerous health conditions yourself.

Unfortunately, the conventional medicine ignores most of the range of the intoxications and the detoxification therapies.

Instead it names all the different intoxication-symptoms with various medical terms and only focuses on treating those – often to be done with pills and other prescription drugs – and quite often for the rest of the patient’s life.


Need for a detox:

Like the process of an intoxication, the detoxification as well is – just the other way round – a procedure, which should take place fairly gentle (but as effective as possible) and mostly has to be dispensed carefully.

Impatience is out of place in this topic!

You just have to be aware that you’ve probably poisoned your body for several years (or even decades) – mostly unconsciously – and eventually the results will inevitably be recognizable. They most often don’t show immediately. In addition, the probably species inappropriate diet in combination with way too little sport and exercising will do the rest.

If you’re interested in addressing those aspects as well (which is pretty recommendable for everyone), check out my e-book programme Coach4life (on your own initiative) which comes with an health enhancing three months regimen, including an optimization of your diet, supporting you with example food plans as well as an increase in physical activity – besides comprehensive background information.

Within some of you, the process of getting ill will take place faster – for others, it takes longer until the body starts sending the first appeals for help and warning signs.

Another person, equipped with a strong and reliable detoxification system – and additionally living a relatively healthy life – will maybe never develop any intoxication-related impairments. There’re just too many individually different variables of different scope in our lives.

Finally, many people will reach a point in life, when the body tries communicating with them – showing, that things don’t take place like supposed to anymore. The lifestyle, the diet, the personal maintenance-attempts, the care for the body and its health can be aspects which have been neglected during the years.

Not uncommonly, those symptoms and infirmities are blamed on the age (and it really takes some time until you get things into a mess…no matter what your age is) – but that’s not the point.

Most of the well known civilisation-diseases and “incurable” illnesses develop from those conditions of poisoning your body and accumulating various environmental toxins in huge amounts and for many years.

These ailments – which are mostly only named and their symptoms being managed by the doctors of conventional medicine – could be appropriately treated, significantly reduced and also be completely cured with the right strategies of diet, exercising, cleansing and detoxifying the body.

You just have to keep the information and the facts about nowadays long term poisoning, the wrong way of eating and not using your body like it was designed to do in mind.

Instantly, you will figure out how little – if at all – the different chemical pills, powders and chemical drops of your doctor can help treating the underlying cause.

Unfortunately those medical treatments often even mask those symptoms that should actually show you what is wrong in which part of your body!


Let’s make a deeper approach to all that now:

A totally basic principle of detoxification (whatever kind of detox you choose) is:

Always start slowly and carefully and watch your body’s reaction first – since detoxing is actually a consciously enforced and (hopefully) properly controlled intoxication of the body…

All the toxins that were stored somewhere in your body will be brought back into the blood stream – where you can feel and recognize them a lot more then.

The cleansing efforts of our body and the physical reactions to this flood of highly dangerous toxins can indeed be overwhelming!

If those amounts of toxins overpower your organs of excretion and detoxification (predominantly liver and kidneys, but also colon, bladder, lungs, skin, etc.), the toxins might not be able to be excreted and flushed out properly. Once this procedure is slowed down or even completely stopped, the detached substances will be stored again after some time of increased accumulation (during which you will probably not feel good at all).
The consequences for your health and the physical symptoms of such a detoxification-crisis can partly be very scaring and serious.


Possible detoxification-symptoms:

You’ll mostly face medium or severe headaches, in addition there can be slight or extremer and differently long lasting gastro-intestinal problems come up. You’ll soon recognize an increased effort of your body to use its two main ways of excretion, the liver and the kidneys… . Depending on their liver state, patients can even throw up or just feel nauseated and pretty ill.

Feelings of weakness, tiredness, (emotionally mislead) nervousness, fear or even sheer panic may occur as well.
There can also be (burning) pain and really uncomfortable pressure be developing in the areas of the respective organs (especially kidneys, liver, colon, etc.).
Asthma or general breathing difficulties for example (overwhelming of the lungs) can be regarded from a new point of view with this background knowledge (and hopefully be treated more adequately as well).

In addition to all that, there may be emotional highs and lows with plain mood swings to all directions possible (complete lack of motivation but also overstated thirst for action – as long as you feel good enough for that).

You will most certainly experience circulatory problems and severe flu like symptoms (feeling of heightened body temperature, getting shivers, burning eyes, urgent need to rest and sleep, demand of silence and being alone). You will often just feel really ill.

Moreover, there’s often a remarkable weakness that sometimes makes it impossible to leave the bed at times that would actually be normal. Phases of increased detoxification can mostly be recognized from dermatological aspects as well. Blemished skin, pimples, rashes and being pale (or even yellowish, due to liver overwhelming) – just looking (and feeling) ill – are no rarity.

On top of that, there will probably be the tendency to faster, more and increased sweating, let alone the body odours hat could change as well…

As you might be able to comprehend – all the above mentioned aren’t definitely nice symptoms – and those aren’t by far all of them…

Besides that, the possible symptoms can vary (partly extremely) from patient to patient.


Own experience:

I have already experienced three allergy shocks myself – in the beginning of my detoxification – with feeling extremely dizzy and nauseated, having circulatory problems, suffering from heavy sweating and once even heart arrhythmia.

In such a situation you should definitely call the ambulance!

In my case, two of the three shocks luckily took place in my doctor’s office (as a reaction to a detox- infusion and a vitamin-injection – or rather to the heightened amount of the detached and afterwards accumulating mercury as a result of those).

Another less severe (but severe enough though...) allergy shock (the first of the three) took place at my home.

In this situation, I had problems hearing properly and my vision was heavily disturbed (extreme light sensitivity and burning feeling behind my eyes…) In addition I felt extremely ill, nauseated and unbelievably weak.

You should never underestimate such a situation – at that time, I wasn’t aware of having an allergic shock – neither how severe this can be…

A friend of mine, who had his Amalgams removed as well – and who also took some supplements for detoxification afterwards then – hadn’t obviously considered the circumstances serious enough.

One day – and he hadn’t felt too good during taking the detox supplements as well – he had a party at his home – and suddenly collapsed, probably due to his overpowered liver and the overdone alcohol consumption. He even had to be brought to hospital and had to spend the night there (but no one believed in his detoxing story, which he desperately tried to explain – he was diagnosed with an alcohol intoxication instead, which was of course partly right as well – but turned out to be pretty uncomfortable for him. His insurance company denied paying for the ambulance transport, the treatments and the overnight stay in hospital). A few days later, he was a bit concerned and told me, that his skin colour had even noticeably turned yellowish…

It seemed to me that his liver had shut down for a few days…

Once you find yourself in an extreme situation like this, you will probably feel like the end is not far offand that’s even rather understated

Some people may recognize one day, that they don’t tolerate alcohol anymore – or need much longer to recover from that again – which might be another sign, that your liver is still slowed down.

If you overdo your detoxification-efforts – or you make certain mistakes (due to not taking the topic serious enough for example) – several or even all of the so far mentioned symptoms may even occur at once!

Those situations are everything but funny then and they can be really dangerous!


In the beginning of my detox therapy, I had to face regular nervousness-attacks that just came out of nowhere – sudden fear driven insults of sweating, racing heart beat, the feeling of adrenalin being spit out inside the body, being extremely nervous in an instant and feeling fairly uncomfortable. Those attacks often made me almost leave supermarkets and doctor’s offices in a hastily rush.

Luckily and successfully, I had started working on those conditions mentally – and could manage all the coming situations pretty properly (though the feelings of fear and nervousness did not decrease that much…).

Meanwhile, I know that the endocrine system can be heavily interfered by the toxins accumulating in the body. Especially in times of heavy detox (or an unknown intoxication), the mislead hormone production can be enormous and instantly upcoming adrenalin or fear rushes are nothing uncommon.

There were times as well, when I had slept and been kind of semi-conscious for several days in a row – but afterwards, I never felt refreshed or relaxed at all! Days and whole weeks passed by in a blur-like condition and I felt like completely living in my own bubble.

Several times, I had pretty uncomfortable kidney aches. After informing about that in an ancient herb guide, I treated them with certain plants (I made some tea from those) which I had collected myself. I did the same for (preventively) supporting the liver later on as well.

I witnessed several emergency-treatments of other patients in the office of my doctor (like I had already experienced myself).
Depending on the person, a detoxification therapy always has to take place pretty carefully – and individually. Some uncomfortable symptoms can’t probably be avoided nevertheless.

You can find more and detailed information about my diagnosis of mercury-poisoning, the whole detox-therapy, all my experience with that and my life from then on in my e-book:


When life stops – Dead end mercury poisoning



General facts about detoxing:

Every one of us has been exposed to numerous toxins so far – and that’s why a detox-therapy can actually be recommendable for everyone.

In alternative health circles, such detoxing cleanses are mostly recommended in spring time (but rather more often that just once a year). These regimes mainly contain certain herbal mixtures to clean and flush out toxic materials.

To get rid of the more persistent toxins like heavy metals, you should frequently do some respective detoxes – or at least once in a while and best after a proper long time heavy metal detox that has taken place before.

Toxins will predominantly be stored in the body tissue (see Acid-alkaline-balance as well), in organ- and nerve cells – and other body parts as well.

Many toxins can especially be found in fatty areas of the body. On the one hand side, this could be an advantage for the respective person (the fatty tissue being present prevents the toxins from attaching to the organs then).

It is said that people with a relatively high amount of body fat rather rarely recognize physical symptoms or dysfunctions in their body (due to environmental intoxication). Slim people (with only little fat percentage) will notice a stressing effect on the organs (and their function) a lot faster.

In the latter case, the organs, muscles, etc. have to be used for storing the toxins way faster – because there is just not enough fatty tissue.

A toxin loaded organ or muscle will definitely be recognized earlier than a fatty tissue, which is loaded with toxic substances. It’s often the function of the organs or any other form of interference that results from this toxic burden then.

The ones of you, who permanently have problems to reduce weight should think about any kind of detox as well. Our body knows that in cases of toxic substances being present, it’s the fatty substance of the body that would save the organs from those toxins – so it won’t give up this option and stress the organs with the detached toxins from the burnt fat.

Do some proper detox and then try to lose weight again…

A pretty inconvenient aspect of the mercury (and some other toxins as well) being so lipophilic, is, that our brain mainly consists of fat. In case that people have very little body fat, the probability, that the mercury will be stored in the brain is supposed to be much higher than for someone who has more body fat.

Though nature has equipped us with the so called blood-brain-barrier, some of our nowadays toxins can easily pass this one because of their specific bio-chemical properties.

In holistic circles, several illnesses and health conditions are already related to this fact.

There have been several researches with deceased Alzheimer-patients – and the measurements of aluminum and mercury in their brains have often been extremely elevated. The symptoms of this disease don’t seem to be that much brain related without a reason…

In my opinion, it is very important to mention, that there are many cleansing protocols (herbal flushes, colon-cleansing-regimes, detox-baths, etc.) – which will probably do a good job as well – that maybe won’t lead to the desired success of properly detoxing the more severe substances like most heavy metals and neurotoxins like certain chemicals, etc.


A comprehensive and deep detoxification has to occur at the cellular level – including the tissue and the intracellular matrix!


Please keep that in mind – just in case you’ve already done several (maybe inappropriate) detoxes without having improved your health the way you wanted it to be

Definitely keep sticking to the approach of cleansing and detoxing – but maybe consider trying another (more adequate) kind of detox-strategy.

There’re not many conventional doctors who are (adequately and correctly) occupied with the topic of holistic detoxification.
You’ll mostly find naturopathic doctors, healing practitioners or healers of other professions who are competent in this field of treatment.

So be careful and try to inform about detoxing as good as possible yourself.

This very important topic hasn’t unfortunately found its way into the realms of the conventional medicine yet – so there’re lots of myths and wrong assumptions around – I can claim that, because I’ve found lots of detoxing information on the internet that wouldn’t definitely work effectively or could even be harmful!

I guess it’s only a question of time that the conventional medicine has to open the eyes to this future holistic approach of healing – because widespread and omnipresent cases of poisoning and environmental intoxications will be a permanently growing problem of the 21st century.

Let’s get back to the practice of detoxing the body now.

Roughly speaking, all (proper) detox-strategies follow one simple fundamental guideline:


The Enterohepatic circulation:

Into our body, there’s some detoxification taking place every day, sending substances through the liver, the kidneys, the bladder and the colon. Having a closer look at the liver, the gall bladder and the colon – where most of the toxins are excreted – one will inevitably come across the expression Enterohepatic circulation.

This term expresses the circulation of toxic substances out of the blood – being filtered by the liver, distributed to the gall bladder and spit out into the small intestine afterwards. Then they transit the colon until they leave our body the natural way with the next bowel movement.

In the last parts of our large intestine, some of the gallbladder liquid is reabsorbed – because it is a pretty complex way for the body to produce certain parts of this fluid – so it’s easier to reabsorb it. The toxic substances are meant to remain in the stool mass until they are excreted – that’s the theory at least

Unfortunately, there’re certain toxins, that get reabsorbed (because of their specific bio-chemical properties) with the gall fluid as well.

Because of this fact, it might be that those kinds of toxins get reabsorbed again and again – every time they reach the large intestine. As time passes, more and more of these toxins will accumulate in the so called Enterohepatic circulation and keep circulating between liver, gallbladder, and colon. The toxins are literally trapped in this process and can’t be properly excreted.

Especially chronic diseases of the colon (mostly inflammatory) can be the result after several months or years of a circulating and permanently increasing amount of toxic substances (especially mercury again…). Our body has only a very limited ability to excrete the respective substances on this (actually) natural way.

Eventually – when the limit of tolerance is transcended – irritations, pain, cramps and inflammations or ulcers, anywhere between the gall bladder exit and the rest of the colon, can be the result.

The conventional medicine knows the expressions Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease for such an incurable condition of chronic inflammation of the bowels.
That those pathogenic circumstances might be the result of a long term toxin exposure inside the guts (and/or consumption of inappropriate foodsmaybe even with allergic inflammatory reactions) – which often increases from day to day – isn’t revealed to most therapists.

The little effect of prescribed pills, like cortisone for example, may relieve the patient a bit from the inflammation and the pain (maybe…) – but won’t probably change the health condition for the long term. The cause of the temporary masked inflammation still remains – and the patient will probably have to take the prescription drugs for the rest of his/her life…to be able to manage the symptoms.

This doesn’t have anything to do with healing or being healthy – it’s just disease-management.

As soon as the patient gets off the pills, the disease starts to develop again…but…who’s wondering about that?!

Certain symptoms will surely be recognizable long before a health collapse has taken place – or a severe disease has developed. Even if patients start visiting the doctors – there’s mostly only little chance to be treated the right way.

My personal odyssey from doctor to doctor is a typically exemplary case for that.

The vicious circle of the Enterohepatic circulation is where the alternative holistic medicine is called into action:

There’re several substances that can be brought into the body which detach the stored toxins (from the fatty tissue, the cells, the brain, etc.). Other substances enable those toxins to be effectively and reliably transported through the body, the liver and the kidneys and to the organs of excretion.

Other substances again act as a kind of absorber in the intestinesawaiting the toxins and properly binding to them (like a magnet), to avoid them being reabsorbed again in the large intestine. Those toxins can leave the body with the next bowel movement then – and the toxic burden can be decreased step by step.

If not knowing this problem of the Enterohepatic reabsorption, the detoxification efforts won’t probably lead to the desired success.


The Enterohepatic circulation has to be interrupted on any account!


You should definitely be cautious if you find detoxing protocols that have no absorbing substance!

A detoxification can easily become a sheer and exhausting (physical and emotional) torture when making crucial mistakes. But even when having all the remedies and detoxing agents tested individually and properly, approaching the detox gently and carefully, there will probably be certain unpleasant symptoms that can’t be avoided entirely.

To prevent a future (and then maybe long lasting) detoxification, cleaning and reanimation of your health, it should always be your motivation to keep your body as clean and natural as possible – as long as you’re healthy!

In addition, you should maintain a good function of your organs – and any aspects constraining those ambitions (especially the consciously occurring ones) should be avoided or banned.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t interested in all those preventive health efforts as long as they feel good – and maybe you aren’t either.


I wish I had gotten this sense and knowledge several years earlier (and then probably without the stress- and painful experience to go through a life-threatening dangerous and long lasting heavy metal-intoxication myself).

But even this late discernment and slowly growing reason brought several good things along for me.

Meanwhile, I’m on my way to a future that I would never have dreamed about…


Life’ s just an incredible journey – full of experience and happenings that can’t be foreseen to any extent and still tomorrow, things could change completely and forever – but when having the right background knowledge, you can indeed avoid some crucial mistakes…


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Enjoy the remaining information!