Symptoms of mercury poisoning

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The ones of you who have already read the information about mercury and its effects on the human body shouldn’t actually doubt the indisputable fact that it is meanwhile a serious, but  often still underestimated threat for people’s health all around the world.

Due to the source of exposition, the amount of mercury being absorbed into the body and the time span of this process, the developing symptoms and their intensity can differ significantly.

The conventional medicine knows certain chemical antidote-agents that can be used in cases of acute mercury poisoning. Those are injected or given via intravenous infusion or orally and act like a magnet (roughly speaking) inside the body, reliably attaching to the mercury molecules and taking them out of the body afterwards.

Unfortunately, it’s completely different with a chronic form of mercury poisoning
This one is (yet) mainly ignored by the conventional medicine and often doubted or even discounted as nonexisting – obviously because of political and economical reasons.

In contrast to some professionals who know about the toxicity of mercury in the human body (and still deny it), others aren’t at all aware of it.

For a patient being on a desperate search for the source of his or her health issues, this fact can lead to many obstacles like just being distracted from the right path or being convinced of another but often inadequate idea and approach of the health problems.

The topic mercury poisoning is still a pretty sad controversy and bringing light into the darkness is way behind time…

There’re lots of practitioners (in alternative medicine as well) who still don’t know about the effects and the devastating magnitude that can result from the mercury accumulating in the body.

If you belong to the lucky ones who have successfully figured out what is really wrong (though officially detected mercury poisoning is fairly rare these days…), you’ll most probably find yourself abandoned by the conventional medicine and your health insurance…

But on the other side – there’re some good news:
Finding a well informed professional healing practitioner or another alternative healer, a naturopath or even a conventional doctor who knows what to do, is indeed possible – and there’re several ways to rid yourself of the mercury.  

Don’t give up and don’t believe what your uninformed conventional doctors or unknowing healers tell you about this topic!  

In the following text, I will state some more background information and show some physical and mental symptoms of carrying a mercury burden (or other heavy metals, neuro-toxins and environmental toxins in general) that may have some effect on your health.  

Acute mercury poisoning

Like already mentioned, there can indeed be cases of acute mercury poisoning – but they don’t occur as often as the chronic and long term forms of this intoxication.
It’s supposed that there’re 100.000 (!) patients with chronic mercury poisoning (of different scope though…) for each acute case.
This sounds pretty overstated at first, but when regarding the sources of exposure in detail, things become clearer and soon you’ll find out, that those figures probably aren’t exaggerated.
Nearly everyone carries Amalgam-fillings in the mouth these days – in some countries they’re fortunately banned – but there’re others where doctors still use this highly toxic dental material.
Besides that, you can find many energy saving bulbs – which may contain mercury as well – in several households. Nearly everyone gets certain forms of vaccinations and most people frequently eat fish (sometimes with high mercury levels) as well.
To cap all those forms of exposure, mercury (and other environmental toxins as well) can be inherited genetically and also be directly transmitted from the mothers body through the placenta and  into the unborn child.
Thus, a harming mercury burden can persist for several generations – and…yes – you can still have elevated mercury levels in your body though you’ve never eated any fish, never got any vaccines, amalgams or never broke a toxic light bulb.

That’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

Cases of acute mercury poisoning can mostly be found in the respective job areas in the industry, in laboratories, production- or disposal facilities. Though the accidents with mercury may be pretty rare – due to the fairly strict safety precautions – those cases may occur now and then.
Besides that, there can be some dangerous accidents in the household when breaking an energy saving bulb or an old fashioned mercury containing thermometer.

Placing Amalgam-fillings and moreover having them removed will often lead to a significant increase of mercury being absorbed into the body.

The rarest cases of acute poisoning probably come from eating contaminated foods (like the case of the Minamata-disaster, watch video).

Eating relatively low dosages of mercury (like contained in certain kinds of fish, etc.) would rather lead to a kind of chronic mercury intoxication.

The causes and sources (and thus the fact of poisoning in general) of an acute form of a mercury intoxication aren’t known in many cases – what makes finding the root of all the upcoming health problems even more difficult then.

In most cases, the source of mercury exposure is kind of invisible and unknown (especially the odour- and colourless mercury vapour).
Only few people consciously relate their following decrease in wellbeing to a certain happening (like a broken light buld, a shattered thermometer or the removal of an old Amalgam-filling…).

In such cases, the officially recommended safety thresholds are often exceeded by far and some people get severely ill as a result.

And so did I…

The problem is that most of the people just don’t know what is causing their health problems.

First of all, the symptoms develop in a differing pace from person to person – what makes relating them to a certain event even more difficult.

I got really ill within half a year after an amalgam removal and getting a new one instead – and I had no idea at all, that my teeth hold those dangerous time bombs that nearly killed me…

In hindsight, and step by step, all that became daunting obvious to me.

Another treacherous property of mercury is, that swallowing some of the metallic mercury particles (like a child might do when playing with the shiny drops of a broken mercury thermometer) won’t probably cause too much harm.
It’s rather the mercury vapour that can be absorbed much easier and lead to devastating consequences afterwards.
That’s also the reason why suicide attempts (like swallowing mercury intentionally) are mostly survived without severe injuries.
Mercury will only be absorbed through the colon-wall in very small amounts when being swallowed – but the dangerous vapour enters the body easily and in relatively huge amounts via the alveoles in the lunges or the oral mucosa.

In a case of acute mercury poisoning, the physical symptoms can be pretty different from person to person and according to the absorbed amount of mercury, they might lead to irreversible health problems or even death.
Possible results might be inflammatory processes of any mucus layers in the body that have contact to the mercury (nose, pharynx, especially the guts but also eyes, gums, etc.). There’re often bloody inflammation-regimes going on, which are accompanied by severe pain, weakness and – especially in the GI-tract – by crampings, colics or vomiting and diarrhea.

In the range of the respiratory system, severe forms of bronchitis or pneumonia can develop, asthma attacks and breathing problems are not uncommon as well. In many cases, there were extensive muscle crampings and circulatory collapses protocolled.

Moreover, the kidneys and the liver are most often affected by mercury poisoning as well, but the first mentioned ones are more vulnerable and thus, severe damage or even kidney collapse and death may occur.  

Chronic mercury poisoning

Like already mentioned, this form of mercury poisoning occurs way more often than the acute form.
Unfortunately it’s still very unknown and in most cases, suffering patients won’t be diagnosed correctly…

While being on a horrific odyssey from doctor to doctor, I finally had to recognize myself, that detecting mercury poisoning doesn’t belong into most doctors’ area of competence.

Most professionals I’ve visited were conventional doctors – but there were three holistic practitioners as well.
No one could properly figure out what was wrong – and even more than that: some became fairly displeased about this fact, sending me home, telling me, that I have to accept to come to terms with my unsatisfying state of health.

Others were at least thoughtful and bewildered – but didn’t know what was going on either…

If you’re interested in the whole odyssey (and much more), you can find the detailed story in my e-book:

When life stops – Dead end mercury poisoning

Exactly this is what happens in many other cases of chronic and slow mercury poisoning as well.

The state of wellbeing and the personal health start deteriorating step by step – and one day, the respective person collapses completely.

If you have bad luck then, you won’t find someone, who knows what’s really going on with you – and this will be a pretty scaring condition in our modern life – where everyone is used to renewing everything at any time

If the source of exposition (e.g. like the Amalgams) remains in your body, there won’t probably be a chance of getting satisfyingly healthy again – and the deterioration of health may most likely continue developing. Your body absorbs more and more mercury (or other toxins) every day then and just treating any kind of conventionally named symptom,  that developed from this state of poisoned organism, won’t make any sense – nor help you on the long term.

If you are a lucky one and could figure out that you’re toxic and probably poisoned by your dental fillings, you should soon care about the safest way possible to have those removed – and start a comprehensive detox (see page Our body’s detox system for more on that).

I guess it’s pretty risky to just take some supplements or detoxing medication (that you can easily find and order on the internet these days) without informing properly about them. Like every other aspect in life, our bio-chemistry is a totally individual issue and detoxing agents that can help one person may not have the same effect (or maybe even a contrary one) in another one’s body.

Taking certain supplements at the wrong time or in wrong amounts may even lead to devastating health results and thus are really dangerous!

You should never forget that a proper detox takes place on the cellular level – and should be done, or at least supervised, by an experienced professional of this area.

The detoxing agents that are used can be completely natural and for example consist of algae, fresh herbs and certain other concentrates – or you choose a way of detoxing with certain chemicals that also attach to the toxins to bring them out of your body (chelation therapy).
What you decide for, should entirely depend on your state of health, your level of toxicity and your individual tolerance against those respective substances.
You should by no means just try out different things and see how it goes (especially not the chemical substances like DMPS, DMSA, ALA, EDTA, but neither coriander extract, etc.).

Seek for a reliable healing practitioner or naturopath who can do some applied kinesiology to find out which detoxing substances might be right, beneficial and harmless for you – and in which dosages you should take them.

I recommend that the trial-and-error method shouldn’t be used when it comes to a serious topic like mercury poisoning.

I’m sure that I would have suffered badly if I had taken some DMPS or DMSA just to try out how they work – I am very sensitive when it comes to mercury – and when doing some kinesiological testing at the doctor’s, the result was always, that I wouldn’t tolerate those substances…let alone the effect of the huge amounts of mercury being detached at once from the storages in my body.
But this is surely different for each person (and maybe you don’t have confidence in the way of kinesiological testing either). In cases of chronic mercury poisoning, there are often several different (minor) ailments – but maybe even really severe ones – that make people often appear hypochondriacal for others.

Those health impairments could for example be regular and persistent GI-problems, susceptibility for illnesses of any kind, being out of energy and always tired, thus always being moody, maybe having chronic skin problems, or any kinds of physical interferences like regular anger, fears, etc.

Suffering people often feel that something isn’t right – but they can’t figure out what exactly this is.

Newly developed health deteriorations often only attract attention after some time, because they manifest fairly insidiously and you just get used to them step by step during their development.

Though different patients, who are chronically poisoned by their dental Amalgam-fillings, often show certain similar symptoms – there seems to be no ailment or health consequence that can’t be caused – or at least be negatively influenced – by mercury.

Sometimes people have totally different symptoms of the same form of poisoning. This might also be a reason why it’s such a problem for many doctors to make a proper diagnosis and figure out what’s going on.

The intensity of a mercury intoxication always depends on several aspects like genetic predisposition, personal physical tolerance against this substance, the state of health in general, the condition of the organs of detoxification, etc.

It’s nearly impossible to compare developing cases of poisoning to each other or to draw inferences about the right medication from different cases.

Subsequently, I will list some symptoms of a mercury intoxication – which can either occur in an acute or a chronic form of poisoning:  

Neurological symptoms

one property of the mercury – that shouldn’t at all be underestimated – is its tendency, (among others) to build up inside the body cells. Once being inside the cell, it can block the so called tubulin (a transport protein within the cell). As a result of that, the transport of the neurotransmitters will be disturbed and eventually, a reduced or the completely missing stimuli transfer of the respective cell might be the consequence of that.

In addition, the fact that mercury gets stored inside the cells (as well as outside of them in the tissue), can lead to a long term undernourishment of the cells.

Besides that, the remaining amount of nutrients (like amino acids, fatty acids, carbs, etc.)  that can still enter the cell, can’t often be properly transported to the inner part of the cell then, where they’re actually needed. This undersupply with building blocks for life can continue up to a condition where the cell finally dies.

If there’re certain nutrients missing for a long period of time, a permanent excitation state of the cell may develop and a misled stimuli transmission might be the result of that.

You can easily recognize this so called tremor mercurialis from a permanent shaking of the hands and fingers, jerks and spasms of all kinds of the body muscles – but mainly face muscles like in areas of the eye brows, the eyelids, the cheeks, lips, etc.

It’s scientifically proven, that mercury leads to a reduced transport of amino acids into the brain, to a decreased excretion of metabolic and environmental waste – moreover it even leads to an increase of stored toxins, which may influence each other and lead to a multiplied effect of toxicity inside the body.
Besides that, energy supporting substances will be absorbed less efficiently and it was observed, that the cappilary walls may get damaged.

Even mercury levels that were lower than the recommended thresholds, showed, that those amounts were already enough to influence the nervous system and the behaviour of several test persons.

Mercury can lead to an elevated number of free radicals and  the respective induced autoimmune processes might damage or destroy the myelin layer, which surrounds the nerve.
As a consequence of that, the stimuli transmission of the cell would be disturbed. Symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, circulatory problems, speech disorders or problems to concentrate could follow.

Depending on their level of toxicity, the respective person can suffer from permanent inner nervousness, anxiety, unrest and an (uncontrolled) frantic rush. This condition of a permanent inner tension might also lead to muscular cramps, seizures, bouts or even epileptic fits.

Many of the patients being mercury poisoned tell about long lasting, paralysing exhaustion conditions – which can be explained by the undersupply of nutrients and the following lack of energy production in the cell as well.

If the mitochondria don’t get enough substances to produce energy, you will unwittingly be tired…

Meanwhile, the awareness of mercury being such a potent toxin lead to the assumption, that many of the so called incurable diseases might be related to high body burdens of mercury from our foods, drugs, vaccinations and dental fillings (or other heavy metals and neurotoxins like highly toxic chemicals, etc.).

Amplifying all the nowadays known diseases, which are related to mercury poisoning, would definitely break the mould. Because of that I will just list a few more – and I can only encourage everyone of you to address your personal health issues in depth and to think out of the box of conventional (symptom) treatments if they don’t lead to satisfying results.
Especially if you have amalgams, had amalgams, your mother had some, you got several vaccinations, have maybe eaten some contaminated seafoods (especially tuna, swordfisch, mussels etc.).
You shouldn’t accept final statements when it comes to your health – taking several drugs or being a regular patient at your doctor’s doesn’t have anything to do with being healthy.  

Beside the already mentioned ones, there are several other diseases nowadays, that are related to inadequately high mercury (and other toxin) burdens in the body:
– Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)
– Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
– Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
– Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
– Suffering from Fibromyalgia (FM) or other unexplained pain sensations
– Headaches and migraines
– Neuropathies and neuralgia
– Any kinds of sensory organ diseases
– Psychological or psychosomatic disorders
– Being tired and out of energy all the time  (Chronic Fatigue SyndromeCFS)
– Distinct tendencies to addictions
– Electro-sensitivity
– Kidney- or liver problems of any kinds (as well as other organ problems or disfunctions)
– Diseases of the heart and the circulatory system
– Diseases of the GI-tract (as well as food allergies, food intolerances, etc.)
– Chronic infections with fungi and pathogenic bacterial overgrowth – etc.  

As you can see, there seems to be no disease condition that can’t at least be negatively influenced by mercury poisoning.
There can of course always be other aspects being the cause of your health problems (definitely inform about toxic burdens of any kind…and have some holistic testings done).
Sometimes, there’re several moderate toxic loads that multiply each others effect – or just one or two measurements that are too much for your personal tolerance…

One thing is for sure at least – there’s nothing in life, that doesn’t have a cause!

Everything takes place according to the principles of cause and effect.

Being told by a doctor that there won’t be a cure for your health condition means that you probably have to undergo lifelong drug intake – just to manage the symptoms. The conventional therapy won’t become a success – that’s what your doctor has already told you. You actually shouldn’t have yourself be treated by this person then.

Go on searching for the real cause of your problems!

I guess that most of nowadays civilisation diseases are reversible – and just a result of a wrong and unhealthy way of living and eating (as well as thinking, acting, ect.).
Finally, you have to decide for yourself… Sometimes it may take a bit longer to figure out, what the real underlying cause of your affected wellbeing is – and when having found the root of all evil – it may take some time again to fix those problem(s).
Just be fair and keep in mind how long it took you to develop all those health impairments!

Just be patient (and well informed) and hold on to your strategy.  

Mercury is the so called perfect poison. It is odour- and tasteless and can’t be seen (at least the most dangerous vapour).
Inside our bodies, it acts like a clown – and it has the bio-chemical properties to play various tricks on the organism.
The results of those will be different from person to person – but they have one thing in common: They are everything but funny!
Doing some holistic testing for environmental poisoning (like mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, etc.) won’t bear any risk (as long as you stay away from the different chemical based challenge tests…).
At least, don’t do anything without informing properly and do what you think is right (or better: have kinesiologically tested what will  be right for you).  

Psychological symptoms:

Besides the mentioned neurological issues, the psychological symptoms of being poisoned by mercury can be pretty comprehensive as well.

Depending on the individual person, those afflictions can vary enormously and be different in characteristic and intensity.

You can find lots of information about affected children and teenagers being particularly shy and introverted, missing self esteem and having reduced or as well missing self confidence, courage and positive thinking in general.

The literature about mercury intoxications also tells about being anxious, suffering from unexplainable panic attacks or people being fairly pessimistic, often worried or bad-tempered in general.
A latent nervousness isn’t uncommon – as already explained above – many patients feel an inner rush and sometimes this can even lead to a permanent orderliness, the lack of concentration up to severe confusion and hecticness, missing patience and a strange behaviour in general.

Besides decreasing self-esteem you can often find depression in people who suffer from a high mercury burden.

As well as those mentioned symptoms, you can also find different forms of perseverance, the tendency to bursts of anger, uncontrollable aggression and a generally low threshold to get angry.  

Impairment of the immune-system:

In addition to the fact, that a remaining mercury burden in the body (like Amalgams in the teeth, vaccine residues, mercury storages in the tissue, etc.) keeps the immune system in a permanent alarm state, it’s moreover a serious problem, that this toxin can also get into the cells – as well as the ones belonging to the immune system.
A steady stress on the immune system and the interference with its functionality will be the result of the intruded toxins. A chronic susceptibility to infections and the fact, that you catch every disease and cold being around, might be a good hint, that your immune system is still overpowered.

Mercury has the bio-chemical property to attach itself to all kinds of proteins.
This can lead to the fact, that the immune system can’t correctly identify those mercury-protein-complexes anymore.
Moreover, our immune system categorizes those unknown and strange complexes as hostile and even starts fighting against them. To get rid of certain substances, our body often starts inflammatory processes then to destroy and eliminate these falsely interpreted intruders.

Especially at places in the body, where mercury is known to accumulate and be stored – like the GI-tract, the pharynx and the tonsils, the gums, liver, kidneys and other organs, etc. – all kinds of inflammations can develop.

The conventional medicine knows many expressions for those secondary diseases, but many of them are just the (misled) immune response to a toxic substance being present in the body.
As long as you don’t react properly then and try to get rid of those substances, your state of health probably won’t improve on the long term – it’s rather probable, that the amount of mercury in the body will slowly increase and your symptoms will even get worse…

In many cases, it’s just a matter of time before the stored environmental toxins become so stressful that your body reacts intolerant against them.

The next step might be a permanently alerted immune system that tries to eliminate the harmful substances at all costs (it doesn’t necessarily have to be only mercury…). The efforts of the immune system might turn into inflammatory processes or even auto immune diseases.
As long as you don’t address the cause of all that, those inflammatory processes will go on, your body will continue fighting against its own tissue and cells and finally the last step of this downward spiral could be irreversible diseases, ongoing organ function disorders – or as a last condition of an overwhelmed organism – cancer.

The development of certain diseases often follows this step by step process of such a symptom-chain.

The sooner you start the intervention the better!

Our body can attract our attention in different ways to tell us that something is going wrong.

Those signals often start fairly subtle, become more pervasive and may finally end in a health catastrophe.
All those signals of our body are called symptoms – you just have to interpret them correctly!

Admittedly, this isn’t that easy sometimes – especially for laymen, but using your common sense may still help you a lot.

No matter what kind of health issues you suffer from – allergies, chronic GI-disturbances, auto immune disease, migraine, circulatory problems or other metabolic problems – just keep the possible cause of a mercury intoxication in mind.

Other environmental toxins can of course be the reason for your illness as well!
There will probably be hundreds of thousands of people out there, who suffer from any kind of environmental poisoning – without knowing it, without being properly informed and diagnosed and thus…without being healed.

Seek for a holistic practitioner and have some environmental poisoning tests done.
Check out your mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper, aluminum, etc. levels and find out if there could be anything harmful inside your body that might suppress or keep stress on your immune system and keep you ill.

Your body always aims at being healthy and energetic.

That’s how it’s supposed to be by nature – but we have to give our bodies a chance to do so…

Teeth or root canals full of highly toxic nerve poisons, huge amounts of drugs and vaccines for everyone, wrong and way too many foods on a daily basis, dangerous stimulants like cigarettes and alcohol, artificial additives, preservatives, chemical colours and aromas in most of our foods, toxic household cleaners, numerous environmental poisons, too much electrosmog and radioactivity, you name it… for some people, those are just too many negative aspects to stay healthy!  

Just find out, what’s stopping you from being as healthy as you want to be!

 Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question.  

Best regards, Arne!