Mercury from the amalgam-fillings

Amalgam aus den Zahnfüllungen  

Though there are many still uninformed people to be found today (also dentists!) when it comes to the topic of toxic Amalgams, it’s an officially accepted fact nowadays, that the highly dangerous filling ingredient mercury leaks out of the fillings as time passes.
After a certain time span (years or decades), huge amounts of the mercury can be vanished from the filling substance (and into our body).
This verified circumstance would unwittingly influence the quality and condition of the Amalgam-filling.
The lack of the mercury leads to a faster corrosion and a shrinking process of the filling – often with caries forming at the exposed edges of the cavities. Because of those aspects, Amalgamfillings have to be renewed sometimes.

When doing so (as well as having them removed without the necessary precautions or when working on or polishing them), there will often be enormous amounts of mercury vapor being released and then absorbed by the patient – sometimes with following severe damage to the person’s health.

I’m wondering about the fact, that especially dentists – and their staff – often don’t inform properly about this fact of highly dangerous toxin-exposure.
It’s not only the patient who gets intoxicated by the filling substance – but also the dentist and his assistants themselves – often on a regular basis as well!

The mercury exposure through the Amalgam fillings is not a secret anymore – but currently, ridiculous discussions are set on the question of the amount of leaking and vapourising mercury – and it’s safety limit, from which on the health could maybe be endangered. I guess that this is an entirely trivial effort – and equals some kind of playing out time – but I hope that one day, mercury will be banned worldwide – especially as a dental substance and in medical substances!

Considering the fact, that there are Amalgam seperators in every dental office to avoid polluting the groundwater – or the fact, that energy saving bulbs have to be disposed of in a special and safe way – but also the fact, that mercury has already been banned in certain ranges of utilization because of its toxicity, I’m honestly wondering why the hell people discuss if mercury could be toxic INSIDE the human body?!

I guess there’s no safe threshold value for such a toxic element like mercury at all (and that’s what several other trusty sources state as well). It’s just a substance that shouldn’t be in the body – neither our environment and nature (at least not the high amounts of the man-made mercury forms…).

In addition to that, every person has a different limit of tolerance, so evaluating generalized official safety values doesn’t make that much sense anyway…  

In case you have an Amalgam filling – or several ones –  there are different ways of how the mercury can get from the filling into your body.
Particularly high exposures occur when putting in Amalgams, drilling them out, renewing them or polishing them.

In those cases, it can either be the elemental metallic mercury, which can be swallowed (but won’t be absorbed in large parts) – or the even more toxic form of the vaporized elemental mercury.
The latter gets easily absorbed into our body at a high amount through the mucosa in the mouth, the alveoles in the lungs and our mouth- and nose-area in general.

I’ve already explained the various ways of the mercury in our body, once it has entered the blood stream (see Forms of mercury).
Particularly in the mouth- and the pharynx-area, it’s pretty easy for this metal to get access to the nerve tissue and the nearby brain.

Grinding of teeth
at night releases mercury particles and produces vapour as well.
But also during all kinds of chewing activities (like when eating, chewing chewing-gum, etc.), there will be higher amounts of mercury coming out of the fillings.
There’s a daily amount of corrosion and vapourising from the fillings (especially through sour, sweet, warm, hot and hard substances).
Also brushing the teeth increases the amount of mercury being released.
I would especially recommend to not use bleeching tooth pastes with a so called peeling effect and fluoride containing pastes as long as you have Amalgam fillings (and neither afterwards…).  

correlation with other dental metals in the mouth can result in an increased corrosion and heightened release from the Amalgam fillings as well.

Gold alloys for example, different other metals blent together and metal containing bridges etc. also fasten the decay of the Amalgam fillings.
Electromagnetic radiation, like from mobile phones, screens and antennas also facilitate the highly toxic mercury to leak from the fillings.
Smoking as well leads to an increased accumulation of the dental toxin in the body.  
No matter how well an safe an Amalgam filling was placed in the cavity – the main part of the filling substance will leave this one upwards due to corrosion, breaking off of particles and vaporizing as one of the most dangerous nerve toxins on our planet.  

This is meanwhile a verified, officially accepted and scandalous fact!
Read the next pages if you’re interested in how to get rid of the filling themselves – but also the stored mercury (mostly aggregated for years or even decades) and other environmental toxins  from the body.