Mercury & detoxification

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Approximately 95% of our western world’s population carry them in their mouths – Amalgam fillings.

These dark dental fillings – also known as silver fillings – are nothing else but a blend of highly toxic mercury (which is officially recognized hazardous waste outside your mouth – your dentist has to dispose of it in a certain way) and other debatable filling substances.

The amount of mercury in a silver filling is at least 50 % – mostly even more.


In the past, it was an assumption that a well placed and encapsulated amalgam filling will safely hold the contained toxic mercury.

Nowadays, it is accepted, that this is not at all true – even the amalgam proponents had to admit this fact.

Animal tests (unfortunately!) showed – without any doubt – that the vaporized mercury from the amalgam fillings easily accessed the body, accumulated within short time and got stored in different parts of the body (e.g. organs like kidneys, liver or colon, body cells, blood, the central nervous system, the brain, etc.) as time passed.

Depending on the amount of fillings, their age and condition, as well as the individual factors, there can be enormous amounts of the toxic metal be stored in our body. According to its bio-chemical properties, mercury has an enormous half-life period in the body – and for some people, it can become a pretty hard job to get rid of this neurotoxin on the natural way. Though there seem to be certain individual aspects that can lead to a differing tendency of storing more mercury than someone else, it’s always toxic – for everyone.

Some people won’t be able to reduce their toxic burden, as long as they don’t start using one of the different mercury detoxification strategies. Because of that, this extremely dangerous nerve poison often leads to numerous different health problems and ominous symptoms in the person carrying them.

Those symptoms are often not related to the right underlying cause of mercury poisoning and most patients try to come to terms with those uncurable conditions they suddenly find themselves in.


I think bringing any amount of mercury into the human body is a highly toxic, risky and dangerous matter.

Moreover, I guess that consciously using this substance and deliberately intoxicating people is an unbelievable felony to mankind – and nothing else!


Meanwhile, I’m convinced, that the danger of mercury to human health is officially and doubtlessly known – but there seem to be numerous political and economical reasons why mercury hasn’t been banned in so many countries yet.

Especially – and because of my own experience (see page my story) – I want to inform about this topic of mercury (and other sources of intoxications) and its possible health consequences in detail. I’m sure that this topic affects lots of people (either still unknowingly or already being aware of it).


EVERYBODY who’s carrying Amalgam fillings in his or her mouth gets intoxicated by one of the most toxic elements of our time – day in and day out.


This is a fact which is currently officially known and accepted!

In many cases, this accumulating toxic burden is responsible for numerous personal health issues – which can indeed be of devastating scope. Unluckily, in most cases, mercury won’t be detected as the root of all those problems… .


After a fairly stressful odyssey in the year 2010, I (thanks to a holistic specialist) could fortunately figure out what had caused my severe health collapse – but I’m sure, that there are probably hundreds of thousands of people out there, suffering every day – due to carrying and being poisoned by their Amalgam fillings!

So, if you want to get healthy – Find the cause!


Don`t hesitate to contact me if there’re any questions!



Yours, Arne