Forms of mercury

HG Formen


In the following explanations, I will outline the different forms of mercury – and their varying effects on the human body.

I highly recommend reading those information to EVERYONE – because everyone (carrying Amalgams or not) is affected by this substance!


In nature, one will fairly seldomly find the metallic elemental mercury (HgO), because it makes only a pretty small part of the earth’s crust substance. The naturally occuring mercury mostly consists of inorganic mercury-ions (Hg+ and Hg2+).

In this case, there can different chemical bindings be found, which are called mercury-salts. One of those for example – mercury is bound to sulfur then – is cinnabar (HgS).

To produce the well known fluid metal mercury (HgO), those mercury-salts have to be roasted in a specific chemical procedure.

Because of its enormous surface tension, mercury forms small drop like balls pretty fast. Those have the chemical property to be liquid at room temperature. The odour- and tasteless mercury vapor, which easily develops from the fluid, also belongs to the chemical category of the metallic or elemental mercury (HgO).

The third form, in which the mercury can occur, is the so called organic mercury. In this case, mercury is bound in a carbon compound (e.g. methyl-mercury or ethyl-mercury).


Metallic or elemental mercury (HgO):

This mostly liquid metal, which is often used as a dental filling material makes more than 50% of the so called Amalgam fillings. Moreover, approximately 1/4 of the filling ingredients is silver and 1/8 each consists of copper and tin.

The elemental mercury has its boiling point at 356.5 degrees Celsius and freezes at -39 degrees Celsius. The specific weight of mercury is 13.6 – which means that it has 13.6 times a higher weight than the same amount of water.
The lethal dosage of mercury (when injected into the bloodstream at once) is 0.2-1 grams for humans. The remarkable amount of mercury, that you vaguely carry around when having 6 amalgam fillings in your mouth can easily be 1.5- 2 grams. There have also single amalgams been found with a weight that was clearly over 1 gram each.

In case of swallowing parts of this metallic mercury (e.g. when having fillings removed or renewed or when they break while chewing), the fact, that this form of mercury will only be absorbed through the colon walls in a very small part, will probably save the respective person from severe harm (as long as there’s no specific intolerance or allergy against this substance).

You will probably doubtlessly recognize that your body tries to get rid of this toxic metal as fast as possible – but the absorption into the body (through the mucosa of the colon) won’t be more than round about 0.01%. This fact also explains why attempts of suicide through swallowing mercury (from ancient thermometers or any chemical sources) will mostly be survived without serious harm.

Still at room temperature (about 20 degrees Celsius), mercury starts to change its chemical state from fluid to gaseous. If you break an ancient thermometer for example, the spilled amount of mercury will be vaporized within about two days (…the mercury hasn’t vanished then! – but is dissolved in the air being in the room!). In addition to the air being inhaled, the mercury vapour can easily acces the human body then. By the way – it’s the same with breaking an energy saving bulb that contains mercury (which is highly dangerous as well!).

If breaking one of those things, you should defenitely use one of the highly recommended energy-bulb-emergency-sets to appropriately wipe up and afterwards dispose the toxic substance! Otherwise you should instantly care for another place to stay (no kidding!).


The following video contains more information about the toxic light bulbs:


Everyone should avoid those dangerous bulbs, so that they will hopefully disappear from the supermarkets one day!

Especially when moving into a new rental flat, you never now, if you’re still entering a highly toxic and mercury contaminated area that could be a severe danger to your health!

Besides that, with every broken bulb, the mercury burden on our planet and in our atmosphere inevitably gets heavier and heavier – let alone the already mentioned health dangers! Luckily, you can get energy saving bulbs without mercury as well – so be sure to check the labels!

Any amount of mercury vapor will be absorbed via the alveoles (the tiny air sacs in the lungs) to more than 80%! After that, the tiny mercury parts enter the blood stream and are carried even to the remotest body parts by the red blood cells (erythrocytes).

A ceratin amount of the elemental mercury will already oxidate inside the red blood cells and change into inorganic mercury (positively charged) to remain there.

According to its lipophilic properties, the amount of mercury, which hasn’t oxidated in the erythrocytes, can easily pass the blood-brain-barrier (actually a natural protection system to save the brain from accumulating toxins in the blood), the cell membranes and even the placenta-barrier (another, now also bypassed, natural protection – for the unborn child – to be saved from toxic substances from the mother’s body).

This amount of elemental mercury also starts oxidating at the latest inside the body cells and the central nervous system (CNS) then and becomes inorganic mercury. This chemically altered mercury form can’t leave the cell afterwards and starts congregating there. Once a cell is loaded with mercury, the intracellular stimuli as well as the absorption of nutrients inside the cell can be enormously interfered. In addition to that, the mercury being present in the cell enhances the intrusion of other harmful environmental toxins.

Vaporized elemental mercury from the areas of the mouth and the pharynx (being produced there every day due to the Amalgams…) directly enters the central nervous system via the abundant nerv endings in this area (e.g. olfactory nerve, tongue nerve, trigeminus nerve, etc.). In the central nervous system, the elemental mercury will oxidize to inorganic mercury again and remain there.


The following video will clarify the fact of the dangerous vaporized Amalgam fillings:


Nowadays, I’m not wondering about the fact anymore, that I instantly started feeling dizzy and got blurred vision directly after having a hot tea and brushing my teeth in the morning…

The placenta-barrier can’t protect the foetus any longer when the elemental mercury starts passing this natural protection system. Especially when being pregnant, you should be extra careful to avoid any contact to mercury. This fact also seems to be the explanation why it is prohibited to put Amalgam fillings into the teeth (or drill them out) of a pregnant woman (as well as children).

Moreover, I would advice pregnant women (but everyone else as well…)  against eating particularly (big) fish from the end of the food chain (like tuna or swordfish, etc.) – as well as fish from contaminated waters. For a tiny, still developing foetus, even the smallest amounts of mercury can be extremely dangerous, irreparably harming or even lethal!

Besides that, every woman (and so does every future newborn child) would benefit from an amalgam-removal and a following heavy-metal detoxification prior to getting pregnant (do never start a detox or an amalgam-removal when being pregnant!).

Every day, manmade vaporizing mercury manifoldly enters the atmosphere through evaporation, burning and other utilization on earth.

From the atmosphere, it rains down on earth again then and subsequently gets into our rivers, lakes, seas and agricultural soils.

Now, and without any problems at all, the highly toxic mercury finds its way into our foods and our drinking water…


Inorganic mercury (Hg+ and Hg2+):

As already explained, these are the two different forms of the positively charged mercury.

In contrast to the elemental form of mercury, these two forms aren’t able to pass the blood-brain-barrier or the placenta-barrier. But on the other hand, the inorganic mercury has a higher water solubility and therefore can easily be absorbed as mercury-ions in the area of mouth and nose. Via the colon mucosa, round about 10-25% of this mercury form can be absorbed into the body. Unfortunately, the bacteria from the gut flora have the property to transform the inorganic mercury into the easily absorbed and highly toxic form of methylmercury (organic mercury).

Especially kidney damages have been detected after being exposed to inorganic mercury. You can find this form in certain medical substances, desinfecting agents, antirust protection, conservatives and vaccines (the latter particularly as thimerosal in hepatitis-, ESME- or TBE-shots, etc.).

If there’s an Amalgam filling placed next to another metal in the mouth (e.g. gold next to Amalgam), there will be some galvanic potential be developing – and this can even be measured (…anyone with Amalgams suffering from chronic headaches…?)!

Due to this galvanic electricity, the Amalgams will start to corrode faster and inorganic mercury particles permanently leave the filling substance. Besides this fact, the ongoing galvanic potential between the different metals can lead to an interference with the very sensitive nerve areas in the mouth.

The positively charged mercury-ions stand out due to the affinity to the so called thiol groups (sulphuric groups). Especially the amino acids cystine, cysteine and methionine feature a certain concentration of these thiol groups.

Proteins are very important for a healthy metabolism in general – but all of the numerous enzymes we need are formed from proteins as well.

The inorganic mercury bindings can attach to the amino acids of every kind of enzyme and block their function. Also the so called co-enzymes (enzyme supporting substances like zinc or selenium) can be influenced or even be suppressed by the mercury.

An adequate function of the enzymes can’t be maintained any more then – unfortunately, we need huge amounts of properly functioning enzymes every day (e.g. for digestion, etc.).

Even the transport proteins that do the different mechanisms of transport through the cell membrane can be harmed by the inorganic mercury, which will unwittingly result in a reduction of their functionality. As a consequence of that, the stimuli transfer of the peripheral nervous system (connecting the organs with the central nervous system) can often be interfered.

Once the amount of mercury in the tissue (outside the cell) is saturated, it can happen, that amounts of the inorganic mercury – which actually doesn’t have the bio-chemical properties – pass through the lipid bilayer and diffuse into the cell.  Inside the cell, the mercury can  bind to the located protein rich DNS substance and harm it irreversibly.

Our biggest alert-system in the bodythe immune-system – will be influenced by the inorganic mercury as well. To decide between endogenous and exogenous substances, there are special protein structures at the surface of each substance.

Hence, the immune-system can always distinguish between foreign substances (like viruses, bacteria, ect.) and substances and cells of the own body. The inorganic mercury tends to bind to these surface-proteins of endogenous particles – and makes it very hard or even impossible to be properly categorized by the immune-system afterwards.

The following result can be that the immune-system starts fighting against its own body cells – because they were falsely detected as intruders that have to be eliminated then. This is just the main task of our immune-system – which is fulfilled in a pretty reliable way…

Many people with so called autoimmune diseases could maybe be treated better (and healed) with this background knowledge of a misguided and malfunctioning immune-system due to environmental poisoning.

In most cases of mercury intoxications, the immune-system in general will be fairly interrupted by the load of mercury. This is caused by the mercury entering the immune-cells as well, reducing their activity and interfering with their function.

When the burden of mercury tops a certain limit of tolerance, more and more free radicals will be produced. Once those become too many, the body can’t keep them under control any more.

Finally, this can result in an increased decay of body cells – and even cancer.


Organic mercury:

This form of  mercury can hardly be found in nature. Because of that, being exposed to it will only occur at the respective jobs in the industry or in laboratories – but also through food.

There are thousands of microbes and tiny bacteria in our rivers, lakes and oceans, that matabolize the inorganic mercury (that’s contained in the water) to the far more toxic methylmercury (organic mercury).

Step by step, the contamination of the food chain with this organic mercury increases and many fish – particularly the big ones (like tuna, swordfish, halibut, catfish, sharks, whales, etc.) – but also other sea foods like mussels, prawns, shrimps, etc. – that mostly feed on the dead carcasses of the big fish – often show enormously elevated levels of mercury.

There have been measurements done in fish that showed an unbelievable increase of mercury (first tested in the water, then tested in one of the big fish later on) up to the 25.000.000-fold !

In case of eating foods that contain organic mercury, this form will be absorbed through the colon into our bodies up to 95% !

Like the microbes in the water, the bacteria from our  mouth and gut flora can also methylize the inorganic mercury to organic mercury (methylmercury) again – and multiply its impact.

This methylmercury form – as well as the already explained form of the mercury vapour – shows a certain affinity to lipids and so, can easily reach the inner parts of the cells and pass the blood-brain- as well as the placenta-barrier.

The methylmercury remains in the blood (attached to the erythrozytes) for approximately 70 days, where it can be detected as well. After that, it vanishes from the blood into different organs and other body parts (like liver, kidneys, parts of the immune-system, etc.). Besides that, it can easily acces the brain and the foetus. Pregnant women should keep this fact in mind and – if at all – choose small kinds of fish from mercury-safe areas only.

I would advise everyone to do without eating mussels (and sea foods in general) – especially when being pregnant – because those animals act as filters in our waters – which logically explains the often pretty high amounts of environmental toxins within them – and of course mercury.


I will never eat any fish again without taking some heavy metal-binding detox agents (more information on the page Our body’s detox system) at the same time. When I choose fish, I catch them myself (mostly trout, cod or similar fish of rather smaller size – which contain only very little mercury). I guess that mussels will probably never be on my menu again.


Enjoy the next pages!