About me

About me

Hello everybody,

my name is Arne Hansen.

After a deep cut into my health in 2010, my life has changed fundamentally.

My attitudes, expectations and plans for my future life have developed totally differently from anything I would ever have expected. My whole lifestyle and especially my eating habits have changed entirely since then. All that didn’t happen overnight but rather consciously and step by step over a period of nearly three years.

After eventually getting the diagnosis of mercury poisoning in late 2010 (see My story), I started informing and researching about detoxification and all other aspects of getting, being and staying healthy – nearly every day.

Topics like our body’s detox system, a way of healthy eating, options of regular healthy exercising but also several mental and spiritual aspects became more and more important for me. Besides getting my health back on track, I tried to figure out what might be the healthiest and most species appropriate way to live.
I tried out several things, experienced a lot and finally drew the respective conclusions from that. I could experience amazing effects of an adequate diet, a right amount of physical activity and the detoxification of the body so far.

I guess I was always a person living in close touch with nature but since starting the holistic detoxing therapy, changing my lifestyle and endeavouring in my personal health, those aspects have become even more important for me. These days, I (fortunately) spend as much time as possible in nature again – be it fishing, jogging, biking, going for a walk in the woods or just relaxing and recharging my batteries in a nice natural surrounding.

I can only encourage everyone suffering from certain health impairments to seek a specialized holistic practitioner to guide you on your health journey and apply nature’s remedies in a proper and faithful way.
Nevertheless, you’ll find some background information and thought provoking impulses about different aspects of health on this website (and on my youtube channel).

There’s of course also the option of a more personal coaching.

If you want to be really healthy, this project always starts with proper information.
Thus, I want to use my website for sharing some current info about the comprehensive topic health, providing you with frequent news and experience from my health journey – and also show you some nice healthy recipes and food creations.

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Best regards!