Other environmental toxins


Today, most of us unfortunately live a life which has doubtlessly diverged from a natural lifestyle in most of its aspects.

The technical progress has comprehensively found its way in our lives and still continues developing in a relentless way.

Our economy‘s effort is mostly only producing faster, more and easier – at the lowest costs possible.

Many people are only concerned about paying the smallest prices available for the material goods and their foods.

Eventually, mankind will have to pay the price for exactly those reckless and disputable productions and the utilization of questionable substances in the sectors of foods, health and our environment in general.

The future consequences of using various unnatural, chemical or artificial materials can’t still be foreseen at all.

More and more people get ill nowadays – even in younger ages and while living a totally normal life.

When it comes to those mostly strange and often uncurable health conditions – which are often pretty severe – there’s often no competence for diagnostics on behalf of the conventional medicine.

In most cases, only the agonizing symptoms are treated – which (if at all significantly) only helps superficially.

I’m sure that most of you have someone (or even more people) in the family who suffer from any strange health condition. May those be allergies, problems of the circulatory system, diseases of the intestines like IBS, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis, it may also be a permanent tiredness, headaches or skin ailments like psoriasis or any kinds of fungal infections.

People are often told, that they have to find a way to live with this (often fairly disturbing) health condition. That’s pretty sadand not true in many cases!

If trying to manage those conditions for the rest of your life, the result will mostly be taking several kinds of over the counter drugs and prescribed substances (e.g. cortisone, insuline, psychotropic drugs, PPIs, blood thinners, you name it…) that you’re eventually literally addicted to – because otherwise, you’r health will deteriorate again.

That’s not at all a condition of being healthy! All those are just treatments to mask and cover the symptoms of a deeper underlying cause.

Don’t stop investigating.

Taking drugs in the long term won’t surely make you healthy.

All those superficial medical interactions won’t probably lead to a comprehensive state of real health because the reason for your symptoms hasn’t been changed – just masked (and if at all: a bit altered).


One thing is for sure:

Every condition in life has a respective cause. You just have to find and fix this one (which sometimes isn’t too easy indeed...).

Stop blindly trusting the statements of your doctor and use your common sense!

Always keep in mind that you’re still – when being a regular patient at your doctor’s office – just a kind of customer who needs to be delivered with medical service and material medical goods like powders, pills, shots, infusions or whatever. You’re just a part of a huge machinery which needs ill people to function properly. I guess that this fact might by all means lead to some doctor’s intention of maybe binding you as a chronically ill patient in some cases.

I don’t want to generalise things – but just encourage you to open your eyes and use your senses to see if things are still going well with your treatment! Don’t accept final assertions too easily – there’re often numerous other ways of treatment and holistic care that might help you instead!


I presume that lots of illnesses of our time have the same (or at least a similar) cause:

It’s the accumulation of toxins and the long term build up of a dangerous burden of disturbing substances (environmental toxins, chemicals, artificial food addings, etc.) that – from a certain point – start interfering with the physical system and the metabolic mechanisms.

Besides that, it is the wrong food that people put in their bodies again and again – in addition to not living a species appropriate life. Doing all those things for years and years will finally lead to numerous diseases and (strange) health conditions.

My inquiries and research, talking to other environmentally poisoned people and well informed doctors showed me that there’re numerous ways of getting sickjust (or rather: especially) from living a wrong, species inappropriate, unhealthy lifestyle with an inadequate chemical loaded diet and masses of toxic substances that occur on a daily basis.

Just think logically – our hole planet is already messed up – so, why shouldn’t this fact lead to any interference within our bodies?!


Nowadays, there’re various different types of health threatening (environmental) toxins:

The real scope of all those used substances will unfortunately only show up years or decades later. There’re many substances that haven’t been properly tested before using them (let alone in longterm studies). Though you can find some intake restrictions and recommended threshold measurements, this doesn’t at all lead to a secured consumption or exposure of these substances!

All those boundary values count for the onetime intake (or exposure). What if consuming or inhaling, touching, drinking or eating the respective substances on a regular or even daily basis (or even more often)?!

Many substances will start accumulating in your body, the different legal amounts of the intake sum up and you can easily reach values which aren’t safe anymore at all!

In addition, no one still knows all the interactions of the toxins, chemicals, flavours, artificial colours and preservatives.

Do you really want to be a kind of guinea-pig and find out what all that leads to?


When doing your next shopping, just read the ingredients list of your foods: You’ll be amazed!

Most foods aren’t actually food any more – but an unpredictable unknown and dangerous blend of toxic chemical substances.

I don’t buy things anymore, that contain substances which I don’t even know how to pronounce. By the way – I actually don’t buy things at all that contain strange substances…


We are actually permanently exposed to a disputable cocktail of toxins and unknown substances – every day. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that more and more people get ill today, suffer from various undetectable or still unknown health issues, cancer rates are above the charts – and even will continue to do so in the future.

When using your natural instinct and your common sense, you should easily recognize what’s going wrong in our lives.

Just start living consciously – and natural!


In the news, we can regularly see and hear what kinds of prohibited or dangerously increased amounts of substances there’re found in our foods.

Pesticides, heavy metals, sludge, radioactive substances or medical and hormone-residues pollute our waters and the foods.

In the dentists offices, mankind is generously poisoned with different dental materials (primarily mercury from the amalgams!), root filled teeth produce highly dangerous toxins, the numbers of GI-diseases currently skyrocket, chronical inflammations are a common condition – and as already mentioned, there’re often no ways of treatment (…).

Housing space poisons, chemical household cleaners and vaccinations stress our immune systems, exhaust fumes poison our air – and all that while permanent noise and electric smog constantly increase and disturb our energy levels and wear down our nerves.

When all this gets too much (and the list is not at all conclusive…) and our physical tolerance is overrun, a pathogenic condition with several different symptoms and problems may develop as a result.

Sometimes, it may happen pretty fast, that the regulatory system of our body gets overwhelmed and shut down – the consequence could be profound (cell-) metabolism problems and the condition of the disease may increase more and more – or it becomes a chronical condition.

As long as the problem and deeper cause of the chemical and toxin overloaded body is not addressed appropriately – and the different substances don’ get removed from the system – the suffering person will logically not be able to improve the condition significantly.

Some of the relatively new (in history of mankind) neurotoxins and chemicals have a pretty long halflife time in our bodies. Many of those substances are even completely unknown to our body by nature – because we actually would have never got in contact with those on a natural way of living.

Thus, mother nature hasn’t equipped us with such a matching (automatically setting in) and highly sophisticated detoxification systems for permanently newly developed chemicals and toxins of our time.

Once the tolerance barrel of toxic load within our bodies has overflown (burst is actually a more fitting expression), treating the symptoms won’t help you any longer.


I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today, if my doctor hadn`t figured out the right underlying cause of all my strange symptoms at the last second (see my e-book:)


When life stops – Dead end mercury poisoning

In such a situation, the body needs to be rid off the overwhelming amount of toxic substances and the individual regulatory system has to be brought back to life.

Our body has amazing self-healing properties – but if we eventually get things into a mess – with a criminally unnatural lifestyle full of health- and life threatening aspects, substances and foods, with way too little exercise and sport but too much stress – often only bearable with huge loads of stimulats like coffee and cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs – then actually no one should be wondering about the health collapse!

You just have to support your  body’s efforts of cleansing and detoxing – and avoid as many sources of nowadays toxins. Doing so, you will recognize pretty fast, that your body will find the right ways for healing itself.

In case of bad luck – and being diagnosed by a wrong professional (of whatever range of medicine) the result might be, that you have to find a way to live your life under these certain – often strange and depressing – allegedly uncurable conditions that you may have developed. Fortunately, you’re not alone with that – many others have similar or the same problems.


The aspect of incurability might be right – at least with a wrong approach and a preferred (not uncommonly) lifelong predominantly symptomatic quackery – instead of a profound and deep therapy which aims at the real cause!


Good luck with finding your way to a healthy and vibrant life!